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The Irish Timber Information Centre (ITIC) was established in 2015 by the Wood Marketing Federation (WMF) in collaboration with the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

The main objective of this initiative is to provide information on a wide range of timber issues relevant to stakeholders working in wood including architects, engineers, designers, builders, timber preservation specialists, third level colleges, wood workers and other specifiers. ITIC also prepares literature on timber design, construction, usage and preservation.

The Wood Marketing Federation believes that ITIC can play a key part in advancing the spread of knowledge on a wide range of wood related topics. It is compatible with most of our other projects which have a strong promotional and educational content because we recognise that there is still a lack of information relating to wood usage and design specific to Ireland.

In this regard it will play a major role in achieving our mission to promote wood as a renewable, sustainable and versatile natural material.

ITIC is supported by the WMF, COFORD, NUIG and stakeholders in the forestry and forest products sector as it meets the following Federation objectives:

  • Quality – supporting the development of the highest standards.
  • Education – increasing the knowledge and understanding of wood and wood products.
  • Innovation – promoting and encouraging new uses and applications for wood. The ITIC project is compatible with the WMF mission to promote wood as a renewable, sustainable and versatile natural material. ITIC provides:
  • Information to timber specifiers in architecture, engineering, design, processing, preservation and building as well as third level students and researchers.
  • The Irish timber industry with a single point of contact for technical and regulatory information.
  • Website information to reflect queries directed at ITIC.
  • Information on aspects of wood such as the compilation of literature on wood testing centres in Ireland and the UK, wood processing, engineered wood and certification.

Queries will be answered as soon as possible after consultation in-house or with experts in Wood Technology Ireland (WTI).




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