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Wood: the most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet

Sustainably managed forests and wood products are widely acknowledged for the key role they play in climate change and sustainable living.

Wood produced from sustainably managed forests is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. The positive role that trees play in climate change continues into the wood products arena. Construction timber, furniture and other wood products act as carbon stores, often for many decades, and considerably longer in some instances. Timber buildings in Scandinavia, for example, date as far back as the 13th century and are still in excellent working condition. In Europe, it is estimated that a once-off 4% increase in annual wood consumption would store an additional 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in wood products each year close to three times the total annual greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland.

The Wood Marketing Federation places strong emphasis on sustainability along all parts of the forest chain. This policy is reflected in our mission: to promote wood as a renewable, sustainable and versatile natural material.
Forests in Ireland are managed according to the principles of sustainable forest management (SFM), ensuring that forest operations accord with environmental, social and economic principles. WMF supports and promotes the use of wood from sustainably managed forests.