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News & Events

National Forestry Conference 2019

Scottish presence brightens up climate change conference as Minister Gougeon outlines how Scotland has made forestry a priority and “has invested in developing and growing the sector”.

Mairi Gougeon, Scotland’s Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment  told delegates at the national forestry conference that “there is a growing understanding that forestry and forests are in the front line of our national response to the climate change emergency that faces us all”. She said: “There is great dynamism in forestry in Scotland at the moment. This is because the Scottish Government has made it a priority and has invested in developing and growing the sector.”

In contrast with Ireland, Scotland has 18.5% forest cover and aims to have 21% of the land under forest and….

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Irish and Scottish government ministers joined by expert

speakers at May 30 national forestry conference

The line up of speakers for this year’s national forestry conference in Johnstown House Hotel,  Enfield, Co Meath, on May 30, has been finalised. Irish Government Ministers Creed and Doyle along with Mairi Gougeon, Scotland’s  Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment will address the conference topic  “Forestry as a  Climate Change Solution”.  They will be joined by Justin McCarthy, Editor Irish Farmers Journal and  Prof. Gerry Boyle, Director, Teagasc who will discuss the actuality of climate change in agriculture. Speakers who will examine the role of forests and wood products in sustainable land use, construction and energy include, Stuart Goodall, CEO, Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor), Mike Haslam, award winning….

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