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Welcome to the Wood Marketing Federation website

Wood is the most versatile, renewable and sustainable resource on the planet. Timber is the oldest construction material, first used in the primeval forest as rough shelters. Sophisticated wood construction dates to timber frame buildings in China 10,000 years ago. Wood used in building for structural and non-structural applications has a significantly lower carbon footprint than materials that use fossil fuels during manufacture.

Our global forests capture 2.3 billion tonnes of carbon annually from the atmosphere according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2000). Timber from sustainably managed forests, converted into construction timber, furniture and other wood products act as carbon stores, often for centuries. In Scandinavia, timber houses and churches still survive from the 13th century. Wood is enjoying a major revival in Ireland after centuries of exploitation.

The Wood Marketing Federation was set up in 1989 to increase the knowledge and understanding of wood and wood products and to promote its use in construction and design.

The Federation forms partnerships with a wide range of companies and organisations – State and private – who share our mission: To promote wood as a renewable, sustainable and versatile natural material Please visit the other areas of our site to see the work, publications and promotional initiatives in which the WMF are involved.

Cover from Timber in Ground Contact Seminar

Seminar introduced by Paul Harvey, Chairperson, Wood Marketing Federation

 Seminar opened by Dr. Eugene Hendrick, Senior Inspector, Forest Service,

 COFORD, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

 Seminar chairperson: Dr. Annette Harte, Senior Lecturer, NUI Galway

 Presentation by following five experts who examined issues relating to enhancing the life of timber in ground contact as well as addressing the challenges and opportunities for home-grown timber in replacing non-renewable materials.

Pdf presentations below – please click blue link.


  • International perspective – Preservative Techniques – Ed Suttie,
    Director (Research) BRE (Building Research Establishment).


  • A Sawmillers Practical Approach To Timber In Ground Contact – Andrew Kidney,
    Production Director, Balcas Timber Ltd.


  • Improving The Quality Of Timber In Ground Contact – Janet Sycamore,
    Operations Director at Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA).


  • From The User’s Point Of View – Donal Slattery,
    Purchasing Manager, FRS Fencing Systems.


  • Standards And Specifications For Fencing – IS 435 (timber post and rail) and IS 436 (farm fencing) –
    Barry Matthews, Certification Officer, NSAI